Humans rely on their thoughts

Humans rely a lot on their thoughts. thoughts tell us about our life and how to live it. They tell us how we are and how we should be, what to do and what to avoid. And yet, they are nothing more than words, which is why in Act we often refer to thoughts as stories. Sometimes they are true stories (called “facts”), and sometimes they are false.

But most of our thoughts are neither true nor false. Most of them are either stories about how we see life called “opinions,” “attitudes,” “judgements,” “ideals,” “beliefs,” “theories,” “morals,” etc.) or about what we want to do with it (called “plans,” “strategies,” “goals,” “wishes,” “values,” etc.) In ACT, our main interest in a thought is not whether it’s true or false, but whether it’s helpful; that is, if we pay attention to this thought, will it help us create the life we want?

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